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The Secret of desire.

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The Secrete of desire.

          Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing something to occur. In our daily life we generating the feeling of having good car, beautifully wife or girl friend, feeling of wishing to pass exams and also wishing to win a certain program or business.

One of the secrete of our desire is to understand it. You cannot become alive to desire if you condemn it or compare it. The understanding of desire is necessary. You have “to understand desire,” not “to be without desire.” If you kill desire, you are paralyzed. When you look at that sunset in front of you, the very looking is a delight, if you are at all sensitive.

And if you cannot see that sunset and delight in it, you are not sensitive. If you cannot see a rich man in a big car and delight in that not because you want it but you are just delighted to see a man in a big car or if you cannot see a poor, unwashed, dirty, uneducated human being in despair and feel enormous pity, affection, love, you are not sensitive.

How can you then find reality if you have not this sensitivity and feeling? Therefore, you have to understand desire. And to understand every prompting of desire, you must have space, and not try to fill the space by your own thoughts or memories, or how to achieve, or how to destroy that desire. Then out of that understanding comes love. Most of us do not have love, we do not know what it means.

We know pleasure, we know pain. We know the inconsistency of pleasure and, probably, the continuous pain. And we know the pleasure of sex and the pleasure of achieving fame, position, prestige, and the pleasure of having tremendous control over one’s own body as the ascetics do, keeping a record we know all these.

We are everlastingly talking about love, but we do not know what it means, because we have not understood desire, which is the beginning of love. Without love there is no morality there is conformity to a pattern, a social or a so-called religious pattern. Without love there is no virtue.

Love is something spontaneous, real, and alive. And virtue is not a thing that you beget by constant practice; it is something spontaneous, akin to love. Virtue is not a memory according to which you function as a virtuous human being. If you have no love, you are not virtuous. You may go to the temple, you may lead a most respectable family life, you may have the social moralities, but you are not virtuous because your heart is barren, empty, dull, stupid, because you have not understood desire.

Therefore life becomes an endless battleground, and effort ends always in death. Effort always ends in death, because that is all you know. So, a man who would understand desire has to understand, has to listen, to every prompting of the mind and the heart, to every mood, to every change of thought and feeling, has to watch it; he has to become sensitive, become alive to it.

You cannot become alive to desire if you condemn it or compare it. You must care for desire, because it will give you an enormous understanding.

You are then sensitive not only physically to beauty to the stars, dirt, and smiling face or to tears, but also to all the mutterings, the whispers that are in your minds, the secret hopes and fears. And out of this listening, watching, comes passion, this passion which is akin to love. And it is only this state that can cooperate. And also it is only this state that can, because it can cooperate, know also when not to cooperate.

Therefore, out of this depth of understanding, watching, the mind becomes efficient, clear, full of vitality, vigor; and it is only such a mind that can journey very far.Thanks.

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