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Within this world of dating, numerous phrases or concepts have been coined. One of the most recent but also one based on a very old dilemma is known as the Friend Zone. Friend zone involves a male and female who are friends, two people who care about each other and enjoy spending quality time together. However, what makes this such a frustrating scenario is that the male friend would like to take the friendship to the next level of being boyfriend and girlfriend, but the female does not.

 As we all know, men and women see things and handle situations quite differently. For instance, a man will view intimacy as a way of showing a woman he likes her although he may not be ready for a committed relationship. On the other hand, the woman sees relationships as being either 100% committed or merely friends.

Keep in mind, it is not that women are being devious but they do enjoy evenings out with their male friend through various ways like watching a movie, concert, going together to dinner and other events, but without fringe benefits of sex.

 For the man who wants to move out of the friend zone and into a real relationship with his female friend, this is possible but it can be a challenging conquest. As you will discover, trying to mentor your female friend or hang around her simply as friends in anticipation that something more will develop is not a realistic solution to getting her as a girlfriend.

 A common mistake made by men is they feel they can ease their way into the woman’s life by being her buddy, or perhaps acting as a big brother but the truth is this does not work. If you think you may be in the “friend zone”, there are some telltale signs to confirm that you are in this position, some that include hearing comments from the female friend such as:

  • “You’re just like my big brother to me”
  • “I think of you as very best friend of mine”
  • “I don’t want to get involved because I would hate doing anything to ruin our friendship”
  • “I can talk to you about anything, any time”
  • I real respect you and trust you.
  • “I can’t believe how much you understand me”

In general, If you have a female friend who shares in-depth conversations with you about dating problems, perhaps about a certain man she is currently dating and likes, someone she recently met, or if she asks you for advice specific to other men in general, then you can feel certain that you have officially been placed in the “friend zone”.

The following are some of the common reasons in which  people find themselves in the “friend zone”.

The Nice Factor – Even if your friend has no interest in the bad boy type, if you are too nice, too accommodating, or too agreeable, she might view you as weak or perhaps just not enough of a challenge. Do not confuse doing nice things for your friend with going overboard with the nice factor. Dinner and a movie, occasional flowers, or some other type of gift is perfectly fine but when you constantly bow down to her every whim, she sees you as no more than a really great friend, and probably one that can be taken advantage of to some extent.

Absence of attraction.When we say there is no attraction, this does not mean that your female friend does not find you cute, humorous, or fun to be around but it does mean from a physical standpoint, you know, the romantic connection, something is stopping her from seeing you as boyfriend material. Many times, this obstacle can be easily overcome.

Female Instability – Okay, remember that reasons why you might end up in the “friend zone” does not automatically mean this is your fault. It could be that while your friend is a great person, someone you really enjoy being with, she may be going after the wrong kind of man. In this instance, being in the “friend zone” is probably a good place to stay.And you always want to be a good person, someone stable, reliable, and honest and if your female friend is wanting someone who does not treat her right or show her respect.

Weak Finances .Unfortunately, while most women will deny it, study after study has been performed showing that women are attracted to men with money or those who have higher than average income, or they are drawn to the money itself. If your female friend places a lot of importance on finances and you do not make a lot of money, live in a huge home, or drive a fancy sports car, you could
end up in the “friend zone”.

After all, you and your female friend already share an amazing connection, which is the foundation for a healthy relationship, meaning not only is half the battle won, but the most important battle. When you are sure you want more than friendship, you will need to show her that you are interested in her as a girlfriend, not just a friend. To accomplish this goal,I’m providing you with helpful information that works.

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