How to approach any girl that I like?

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The couple relations or love relations must pass through various stages.Observation,talking and appearance are some of the basis of relations.The following are the tactics to have any woman you want.

Women Do Not Want to Be With the Bad Boy. I have never heard a woman sitting with her friends who said, “I can’t wait until I meet a jerk who will treat me poorly, belittle me on a daily basis, and show absolutely no respect for me.

” If that is what you believe women want. . .we have some serious work to do! I will admit that I understand how this rumor started and why so many men still believe that acting like a jerk will get them everything they want with women.

Imagine, every day you see women with guys who you know don’t deserve them; jerks or downright douche bags with amazing women by their sides. You may even be the shoulder that those women cry on when these guys act like selfish scumbags. You think to yourself, “I’m a great guy; I should be with this girl. I have to become just like those jerks so that girls will date me.” Let me explain why these women keep going back to those Bad Boy characters.

Sadly, the Bad Boys are the ones who approach women. Nice Guys rarely approach women and if they do, they screw it up every time because they instantly put the woman on a pedestal. Bad Boys are confident in themselves, respect the lives they have created, and they go after the women they want without fear of rejection.

In the beginning, they display characteristics of a man any girl would want to be with. They show confidence, self-respect, independence, leadership, passion, and desirability to other women. Then something interesting happens. Slowly their true colors start to show and it becomes apparent that they are jerks.

However, by this point a woman is hooked on the Bad Boy. She believes that her first evaluation of him was correct and is embarrassed by her seeming “stupidity.” She tries to change him back into that great guy that she believes he secretly is. She tries to make him into a man he will never be. And so the vicious cycle begins. It continues until she is finally ready to give up and cut her losses. This can take a long time. I see it happen constantly with my female friends.

 I hear them complain, get mad, and try everything to turn their Bad Boy into the Nice Guy they thought he was, and that they demand he be. I can tell you for a fact that women do not want to be with Bad Boys, Jerks, and assholes. Who would? What we do want is a mix of the Knight in Shining Armor who sweeps us off our feet and the Bad Biker Boy from the wrong side of the tracks who takes us on a thrill ride.

A woman wants a man with a backbone, one who will tell her when she is wrong. She wants a man who will not lie down and play dead when she is being overly demanding or bossy. A strong, independent woman wants a man who will treat her well. She will not go searching for a “player” or a two-timing douche-bag.

 All we are asking for is a man to treat us with respect yet at the same time respect himself. Women do not want to be with a Bad Boy. What women want is to be with a Nice Guy that is confident and a leader; who holds boundaries, and respects himself. A Nice Guy with all the Bad Boy strengths. In my eyes, Nice Guys will always have massive sex appeal!

Too Much Game Can Ruin Your Chances.With Women Many men get carried away trying to play “The Game”–so carried away with being charming that they lose the girl! Listen, I am the first one to admit that I love the game! I love the banter, the butterflies, the teasing, all of it. It is fun, but only for a night, maybe two at the most.

After that, I need something a little more substantial or I’ll move on. A while back when I was first introduced to the world of the Pick-Up Artists, I met one of its leaders, Mystery. In case you do not know what a Pick-Up Artist is, I will explain. A Pick-Up Artist is a man who considers himself skilled at meeting, attracting, and seducing women.

No Woman Likes a Pounce Just like the rest of my generation, I fell in love with Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Remember that adorable, pouncy tiger? It was not until recently that I realized Tigger was a horrible influence on the youth of today. He preached about pouncing and how it was fun, fun, fun, and fun, fun! Pouncing is not and should not be fun because it can get you into trouble!