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The nature of mind.

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Mind can be defined as a source of a person’s thoughts. In addition to that,mind is the main faculty of our  Consciousness and thoughts.It is the mind which thinks, reasons, analyzes, discriminates, feels good or bad, senses pleasure and pain, imagines and worries. An inanimate object doesn’t have all these faculties.

The important thing to know is;your mind or soul is the real you. Your body is in your possession just like you possess a house, a car; that is why you refer to the body in the same way as you refer to your  house or land.The body is the instrument of mind through which it (mind) acts in the world and also suffers or enjoys. It is the mind which sees, hears, smells etc.

Through respective sense organs and through the mechanism of the brain. It is the mind which feels the pleasures or pains of the body. If mind is off or disconnected from the body, you will feel no pain. For example, while sleeping a person feels no pain of a physical injury because at that time his mind is dissociated from the body. It is also the mind which speaks, eats and works through respective physical organs.The following are important nature of our mind as we are human.

The first of all is,mind has no Weight or Measurement.Here the main point to capture is that,being non-physical, mind can’t be weighed or quantified in any measurement nor can it be chemically analyzed in any laboratory. These are all the attributes of physical objects only

Mind Is Eternal and Immortal .Do you know that brain and the body being physical in nature, are subject to decay and are perishable in nature, while mind or consciousness or soul never dies. It survives the death of the physical body. With the passage of time, mind, instead of decaying, grows with the experience and maturity.

To put in short, mind or soul is without a beginning, or an end. It is immortal. There was never a time when it was not there and there will never be a time when it will not be there. It is beyond creation and dissolution, beyond time and space and is eternal. No external violence, murder, fire, accidents or bombs can touch the mind.

Mind Is Indivisible in Nature.Mind or consciousness can’t be divided into parts or pieces. It acts as a whole. Some persons think that the mind or soul of a child is created out of the mind or soul of parents. This is absurd be cause as explained earlier, consciousness is not a physical thing and can’t be dislodged from parents’ consciousness as pieces. Similarly some persons think that Supreme Soul (God) has divided Himself into various parts which have become individual souls. The idea itself is absurd and doesn’t fit in any logic.

Mind Is different from the Brain.As the brain is a physical organ like any other organ of the body while mind is a non-physical entity. The brain can be compared with a sophisticated computer through which mind controls and connects itself to the body. Thus the brain acts as a link between the mind and the body. Thinking, feeling,reasoning and imagining. are all attributes of mind only.

The brain as well as the body being physical and inanimate by nature, can’t think or feel. The body and the brain are made alive and animated by the entry of mind or soul only. At the time of death, when mind  leaves the physical body, the brain as well as the body fall dead and become like any other physical object of the world.In general the brain and the body, thus, are simply instruments of the mind.

Mind Is Self Luminous and Self Energized. Unlike physical objects which require a source of energy, mind or consciousness doesn’t require any outside energy to function. It is self energized and self luminous, and goes on functioning till eternity. It is the brain which needs energy for its functioning.

Mind Can Exist Independent of the Body .Mind is much superior to the body. Mind acts as a master and the body as the servant of the mind. After death the body dies, but the mind continues to exist as one’s basic identity.

There are some persons who develop their mental powers to such an extent that during their life time itself, they can leave their body at will and travel as far as they like and then come back to their body. During this travel, they (i.e. their minds) remain connected to their body by a fine silvercord.

This is called ‘out of the body experience’ or ‘Astral travelling’. Sometimes we can have this experience without any conscious effort when we have a near miss with death or near death experience. In the event of death, this silvercord gets broken so that the body and mind become totally separated and the body falls dead.

There are other mental powers, e.g. telepathy, clairvoyance (perceiving distant scenes by mind) and listening to distant sound by mind etc. In all these phenomena, body or our physical senses are not involved. These phenomena are directly manipulated by our mind only. Also during deep stages of meditation one becomes totally oblivious and detached from one’s body.

At that stage if someone talks to you or touches you, you don’t notice it because mind has almost disconnected from the body and the outer world, and has turned towards the inner world.

Today its enough.Thanks in the coming posts I will proceeds with  human mind in detail.You are welcome.

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