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The power of Secret.

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        In our daily life we prefer keep secret for what we have done.Today let me share with you on the types and how to make secret as secrete for long period of time.First of all Secrete is a anything which is not known, seen or not meant to be known or seen by others for certain reasons..

Imagine! we have a lot of secret, we prefer to keep others secret or expose them.But is there any types of secrets.I believe that the answer is yes.Therefore, the following are the types of secret.

            Big Secrets: These are secrets which are usually more personal and directly which can affect an individual. In addition big secret can be family secret or something in which an individual never told anyone. Example of big secret can be, having the child or children outside marriage and also having outside sexual relationship

            Surprise Secrets, also this is another type of secret which is especially fun if the recipient of the surprise enjoys spontaneity. Surprise parties are the most fun parties to plan because you are doing something nice for your friend who, hopefully, has no idea. This makes your friend feel like you’re generous and caring friend and always thinking about her and what would make her happy.

          Little Secrets: These are secrets that may be often little white lies or secrets that do minimal damage if told or kept. These are usually secrets shared between friends, like an inside joke or a funny, and maybe even an embarrassing, conversation you had at a sleepover. Example of this type of secret is stealing someone property, do prohibited thing.

          Embarrassing Secrets: These secrets can feel like they would be the most detrimental to your social life. From an embarrassing childhood story to a weird habit of yours, if these secrets were to get out it would be a little unnerving. However, these are some of the best secrets to share with friends. I promise that some of the most embarrassing stories you have aren’t as mortifying as you may think. It’s always fun to swap funny stories with your friends. Not only do you get to learn more about your friends, but you also get to let go of some of the embarrassment you’ve been holding on to with your secret.

            Gossipy Secrets: These are secrets which are often shared by multiple people and are often rumor based. For example, the stories about who’s dating who and who said what are often the topic of conversation for these secrets. Also another secret which fall within this type is the secret concerning the freezing of employment in a working place, the spread of examination questions before the time. The more their told the bigger and less accurate they get. These secrets are also extremely hurtful when told because they’re powered by negativity.

Apart from the types of secrets the following are the ways in which can be used to keep the secrets.


Know the seriousness of the secret before you hear it. If someone tells you ahead of time that they are going to tell you a secret, ask for more information first. Find out if it is a “little” secret or a “big” secret. This will tell you how important it is that you keep the secret. It will also tell you if you need to give the person your undivided attention while they disclose their secret.Prepare yourself to listen to the secret, knowing if it is something that you can handle.

            Find out if you are allowed to tell anyone else. When you are told the secret, ask if it is okay to tell anyone else, like your sibling or a partner/spouse. Asking if it is okay to tell can help you avoid an uncomfortable situation in which the person is upset with you. If you know you will tell someone, like a spouse, be up front with that information and warn the person that you are going to tell someone else. You may want to warn them about this before they tell you the secret.

            Stop the person from telling you. If you know that you are really bad about keeping secrets, tell the person not to tell you the secret. The person will appreciate your honesty and still has the option of telling you, knowing that you may tell someone else. Some studies have shown that keeping a secret puts undue stress on a person. If you wish to avoid added stress, just say no to secrets

            Ask how long you must keep the secret. It might be easier to keep a secret if you know you only have to keep it for a certain length of time. If you are expected to keep the secret forever, that is good to know up front as well. Depending on the type of secret, it may have a built-in end point. Something like a pregnancy or a surprise gift will have a natural end date. In addition other secrets might not have a natural ending point, and you will just have to decide when you will be ready to tell people.

Make a plan for telling someone. If you know that you will be able to tell someone in the future, making a detailed plan about how and when to tell may help you keep the secret in the meantime. If it is a “fun” secret that you’re going to surprise someone with, planning a fun way to tell will help occupy the time before you tell her. If it is a serious secret, make a plan to give yourself and the person you’re going to tell uninterrupted time alone to talk and discuss the secret.

Push the secret out of your mind. Stay busy with other things, and try not to think about the secret too much. If you think about it constantly, it will be much more difficult to keep yourself from telling someone.In addition think about the benefits of telling your secret. If you are keeping a secret that is upsetting you, you may be standing in your own way. Telling someone may give them the opportunity to help you in a way that you may not expect

            Entrust your secret to one person. If you absolutely must tell someone, be sure you choose the right person,think about your past experiences with that person. Have they been trustworthy and discreet in the past. Be explicit about expectations when you tell the person your secret: are they allowed to tell anyone? Who and when can they tell?

            Do not bring up the topic to anyone. If you bring up the topic of the secret in a conversation with someone, you will likely be tempted to tell the secret. You may (consciously or subconsciously) bring up a related topic hoping that you will have the opportunity to tell the secret. Being aware of this can help keep you from doing it subconsciously.

            Change the conversation topic if necessary. If you are talking to someone who mentions something related to the secret, you may need to change the topic of conversation. This can be achieved through, continuing to talk about something that reminds you of the secret will put it in the front of your mind and may tempt you to tell. Try to change the subject casually so that the person does not notice that you are avoiding telling her something.

            Pretend you do not know anything. If someone suspects that you know a secret, try to be vague if she asks you about it directly. You may be able to pretend you don’t know by asking questions about the secret.

            Lie if you have to. You may need to lie about knowing the secret. If you do lie, be sure you remember what you told the person so you don’t get “caught” in the lie. It’s better to just lie and say you don’t know (even though you do) than to make up an elaborate detailed lie.

         Be honest. If someone keeps pressing you for information, tell them “I cannot talk to you about this at this time.” Even though you’re admitting that you know something, you are not telling the secret. If the person is persistent, politely tell them to stop asking you.

            Finally,tell yourself in the mirror. If you need to feel like you are telling another human, try telling yourself the secret in the mirror. Pretend you have a twin brother or sister and talk to yourself. This may seem silly, but it might help. Again, be sure that there is no one nearby to overhear what you are saying.



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