Trending causes of Stress.

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As I have already defined “Stress in my previous posts that is a state of mental, emotional , or other strain.Now days many people face stress problem.In reality stress its an obstacle in our daily life.The reasons which cause stress now days  can be categorized in three categories as follows.

Environmental reasons: Its important to know that environmental factors can lead to the occurrence of stress.Example of environmental reasons are excessive cold, excessive heat, excessive noise, excessive humidity, pollution  like, smoke, dust, harmful chemicals in the air and water, improper lighting, over crowding etc. All these things make us stressed and activate the stress mechanism. How much we get affected by environmental reasons, depends on our body resistance.That is why different people seem to be affected in different degrees under the same environmental conditions, some get totally exhausted while others may still be able to manage.

Physical reasons: Physical reasons are those which are related to our body and  our daily way of living as follows.

(a) Faulty Diet: Certain types of food increase our stress levels like excess intake of white sugar, salt, coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs, cola drinks, sweets, spices and pickles, meat, cigarette, tobacco etc. They activate the stress mechanism by stimulating SNS.

(b) Faulty Breathing: Similarly our breathing habits tend to influence directly the autonomic nervous system and thereby influence our stress response. If our habitual breathing is shallow (limited to chest), rapid, jerky, noisy and is not rhythmical, slow, and diaphragmatic (from abdomen), we are unconsciously activating our stress response because such a breathing is characteristic of a stressed state of mind.

(c) Faulty Postures: Our postural habits, play a vital role in contributing or activating our stress levels. The way we stand, sit, walk have a great influence on our stress level. For example if we sit with a straight spine, we feel confident and energetic but if we sit with a curved spine and rounded shoulders, we will feel lazy, lethargic and bored.

(d) Diseases: If we have a disease it also contributes to stress, because a discase means some imbalance in the system which is likely to create uneasiness in the mind also. In fact body and mind are so intimately connected that specific blockages in the body system create specific patterns in mind like some diseases perpetuate anxiety, some may create fear in mind, some may cause anger and irritation, some may cause depression and nervousness, some may create a gloomy state and sadness in mind etc. However by reacting negatively to any physical disease or environment factors, we further aggravate our stress level. Hence by controlling our negative reaction we can stop further aggravation of stress.

(e) Excessive Speaking: Excessive talking also results in over stimulation of sympathetic system. There is a lot of expenditure of nervous and muscular energy when you speak. In fact one hour of continuous speaking may tire you more than even five hours of physical labor because the number of muscles involved in speaking is much more than the muscles used in physical labor. So excessive talking may also lead to stress. This is why so much emphasis is laid on silence for mental peace and dissolution of stress.

Psychological or Mental reasons: Psychological causes of stress revolve around the fact as to how we mentally react to various events and problems around us and how we look at the world and life in general. If we react to various things around us with negative emotions like anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, revenge, worries, irritation, frustration, anxiety, they are bound to create stress.

To illustrate this in detail, suppose there has suddenly been some problem in your family. One way is to feel highly tense as to why it has happened. Another way is to take it as a way of life; that is, you are ready to accept any eventuality in life. Hence psychological causes of stress can be very easily eliminated by readjusting your attitudes and reactions to various things of life. In general, events or various incidents themselves don’t create stress, it is only our attitude and outlook towards them which create stress. If we can learn to view everything in a positive way, it is impossible to be in stress.