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Problem are unwelcome/unexpected events or matter which occur and needing to be dealt with and outcome.

Any place you go any thing you do, you must face the problem.The big and most trending issue in our life is problems.Problems may result to other problem.Imagine your house was bunt, at the same time your close person is ill.At this point I think you can predict what next.Or imagine! You have a family, and your economic status is poor, you what to attend at an important place but you don’t have money.Do you remember the big challenge or problem you encounter in your life.How you respond upon it?

Now the following are the basic truth of our problem.Through these truth you can solve your problems and I hope you will have peace and happiness in your life.This is human reality.

Problems are an Integral part of Life.Its real true that human problems are  Problems are an integral part of our life. They will never end for example one problem goes, another comes. This is a natural cyclic process in life. Life is designed like this that you will face certain problems and learn the needed lessons to grow further. This is not only with you, it is with everybody.

Nobody is without problems. It is very immature for someone to think or imagine that his life should be very comfortable and free of any problem which its impossible. You have to be prepared for anything.

Problems come to teach us certain Lessons: Problems are  for our Ultimate good regarding various problems, pains and discomforts which we face in life, try to develop the philosophy that these have not come to frighten us. Don’t view these problems as burdens coming to us suddenly out of nowhere. They have come to us as per certain law.

There is nothing in this world which happens by chance or accident. There is a reason for everything which happens to you. You are bound by a great relationship of cause and effect. For every effect there is a cause and for every cause there is an effect. If we oppose these discomforts and accuse ourselves and others, we are simply invoking a new chain of cause and effect and making matter worse.

Remember that everything which happens to us in life is for our good only. In the apparently looking cruel and adverse circumstances is hidden the infinite mercy of God which we can realize if we properly contemplate upon it. Infact you should consider all problems as projects and new opportunities instead of hindrances. Tackle them as you work for a new project or new assignment step by step instead of treating them as something foreign or external to you.

Sooner you accept them as a part and parcel of different phases of your life, the better it is as they will become your servants and helpers instead of trouble makers and then only you will be at peace with yourself.

Problems Come along with their Solutions. It is a general experience of life that when problems come to us, their solutions also come along with . This is because problems are not caused to us by the Almighty to harass us or frighten us or punish us. The purpose of problems is to bring out those virtues and finer aspects in us which are still dormant and haven’t been awakened and to eliminate the undesirable traits from our personality.

No problem which is Permanent .Also we should realize that no problem or difficulty confronting us is permanent. They all will pass. Nothing remains static in this world. Everything is in a state of constant flux and motion. Such is the law. Darkness is always followed by light. There can never remain the same condition always. Even the darkest days of your life will surely pass. This is inbuilt in the nature of life. Realizing this, a person should never become pessimistic and low in spirit in the face of problems.

Don’t run away from problems. Face them boldly. Running away is not a way to be free from them. They will stick to you more tightly if you try to evade them. Have a headlong collision with them and shatter them to pieces.

No Problem which is Greater.There is no problem in the world which is greater than your strength and which can’t be solved. Everything can be accepted and handled with serenity. There is nothing which can be called a catastrophe. Hence you should treat the problems and control them like your servant and never allow them to become your master.

All forces of nature and circumstances must bow down before a calm and serene mind. If we also remain connected to God and seek His help, solutions of our problems can be found much quicker. God is ever available to help us provided we ask for it and join our hands in His hands.

We Should Thank God Even During Problems and Difficulties. You should also realize that compared to the comforts given to us by God, these problems are nothing. While enjoying comforts and luxuries of life, we are neither thanking God nor questioning why these luxuries have been given to us.

But in pains and problems, we are so much perturbed. Is it not a fallacy? If we start doing the former, the HOLD of the latter will automatically reduce. Infact we should adopt thanks-giving attitude to God not only for the comforts and luxuries provided to us but also for the problems and difficulties because these are also meant for our ultimate good.

Don’t Surrender Before the Limitations of Life. You may have certain limitations in your life which are blocking your way to progress although you wish to progress. Please note that all these limitations are with you according to the law of Karma or the law of destiny. No one is to blame for this except you yourself because of your past actions. So there is no point in cursing your self or God or others.

 It is also true that many of these limitations can’t be removed by you overnight, i.e. you will have to live with them. But remember in whatever conditions/limitations you are, you can always make some changes. These changes will pave the way for bigger changes. All the doors are never closed for anyone.

Continue to Progress Even During Problems .Some people think that when all of their problems will be over, they will then start their development plans of life. But the tragedy is that problems will keep on creeping in till the end of life. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t make any progress in life.

Let problems not interfere in the process of your development. In whatever miserable state you may be, go on developing yourself in whatever fronts you can because whatever be your problems, some avenues always remain open for further growth. It never happens that you can’t do anything. If fate closes one door for you, it also opens another door.

Don’t Imagine Problems, Just face them as they come Some persons waste a lot of their time in imagining many future problems for them, i.e. lest this or that should happen to them. In this connection please remember that problems and adverse happenings in life should be just faced as and when they come.

One should not constantly dwell and focus on possible future mishappenings which may fall upon him. For example, don’t think that what will happen if I get cancer, what will happen if my children leave me alone in old age or what will happen if I lose my job and so on. Infarct  you will find that ninety nine percent of things you imagine never take place.They are just creations of your doubtful mind and wild imagination. 

Cope with One Problem at a Time .We all are surrounded by umpteen number of problems. If we start thinking and tackling all the problems at the same time, we will become mad and won’t be able to solve even one problem properly. The correct approach is that you make a list of all your problems and then first pick up one problem on priority basis and concentrate on that problem only at a time. Shut out all other problems temporarily.

By coping with one problem at a time, you will find the problem not over whelming but stimulating. You will enjoy the adventure of problem solving. It is only when you look at and try to solve all the problems simultaneously that you get overwhelmed by them.

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