The secret of Human Thoughts.

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In our daily life we think a lot of things.Sometimes we think good things and some time we think negatively .But the question is, do yo think that we as human being always we plan to think or not. Challenge your self and you will get the best answer.But what is thought.Thought is any idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind.

Also why we think?

The thinking process depending with an individual.But we think because of,we want to act and we’re not  sure what to do,for example you have misunderstanding with your closely friend,your parents or with your teacher.Under this situation, thinking its impossible.Also imagine! You want to buy a car, you can start thinking on what kind of car you want, when to buy it, how to receive it and so far.Not only that you have economic hardship, under this circumstance thinking its inevitable.

What do we think? 
Actually we think ‘about’ something. Because we have to decide what to do in a given situation we think about various alternatives like how and when to seek guidance, their pros and cons, feasibility of alternatives, short term and long term impacts.

When we think ?

We think when we want to take action.And we think when we are not in sleep.

The secrets of human thought.

       Thoughts have the power of materialization: Whatever we think, we attract physical conditions and events in accordance with it. By a mysterious process, our subconscious mind tends to materialize all our thoughts into their physical equivalent by the most direct and practical media available. More the power of thought, more the power of materialization. The power of thought increases by repetition of the same thought again and again by attaching emotions e.g. love, faith, expectancy etc.

       Thoughts influence actions. If your thoughts are positive, positive conditions will emerge in your life. If your thoughts are negative, negative conditions will emerge in your life. The subconscious mind doesn’t make any distinction between good or bad thoughts. It will just accept any thought whether good or bad transmitted to it by our conscious mind and starts executing it like a faithful and the most powerful servant of the conscious mind.

       Thoughts have vibrations. Whenever we think some good or bad thoughts, vibrations of these permeate in the surrounding atmosphere affect the people present there positively or negatively depending upon the nature of thoughts. In other words the atmosphere gets charged with the thought vibrations present there. Thought Vibrations Are Different from physical Vibrations. They are non-physical in nature. Physical vibrations like light and sound are felt by our conscious mind directly through our physical senses, while thought vibrations are first registered in our subconscious mind and from there the impression is passed on to the conscious mind. That is why you can’t apprehend thought vibrations so clearly as physical vibrations.

       Thoughts hit the person against whom they are directed. Powerful thoughts directed to any person are like a force acting upon him. When you are actually thinking good or bad about a person you are not doing an ordinary thing. You are actually hitting that person by your thoughts and that person actually feels that effect, depending upon the power of your thoughts which depends upon the concentration of your thought and the emotions linked with that thought and the receptivity of that person.Emotional part of your thought hits like a solid stone to the other person to whom your attention is directed.

       Thoughts are constantly modifying and affecting our subconscious mind: Whatever we think, it goes on depositing in the vast lake of our subconscious mind. We are constantly depositing good and bad impressions in our subconscious mind according to the thoughts we are harboring.

       Thought Transference is independent of time and Space: There is no time and space in the realm of thought and mind. Whether a person is sitting in the next room or the other corner of the world makes no difference as far as telepathy is concerned. Mental connection in both the cases is just the same and distance makes no difference in receiving and giving message.

       None of your thoughts is hidden: You may apparently hide your thoughts from your friends, colleagues and give them a twisted version by your words, but Omniscient God is watching each and every thought of yours on a moment to moment basis. Nothing is hidden from Him who is our real and spiritual father. He only matters to us ultimately because our relationship with Him is permanent while with others it is temporary. Everything will leave us one day except God.

       Thoughts attract. Our atmosphere always remains filled with all sorts of thought vibrations. Whenever we think something, we attract similar types of thoughts from the thought atmosphere, according to the law of psychic attraction. For example, if you are thinking anything bad, you will be surprised to see so many other associated bad thoughts hovering in your mind. Similarly, if you are thinking something good, you will be astonished to find so many other good thoughts and ideas suddenly appearing in your mind. This can make it clear as to how a bad thought can make you further worse and how a good thought elevates you further.

       Negative thoughts weaken mind and make it restless: Negative thoughts weaken your mind and make it restless, agitated and impure while positive thoughts strengthen it and make it pure. Hence, it is not a question of just thinking a thought. Each thought is making a definite impact upon the health of your mind also.

       Positive thinking creates a positive ‘Aura’ around your body: Aura is radiations or emissions around your body and their quality depends upon the state of your health and state of your mind. If your mind is always positive, cheerful and peaceful, the quality of your aura will be very good. This aura or auric vibrations benefit not only you but also all those who come in contact with you. A tired and restless mind feels a soothing effect in the vicinity of such persons in a similar way as a thirsty man feels relieved after reaching a source of water.

       Thoughts create thought forms: Whatever we think, a thought form is created in the atmosphere according to what we are visualizing. More the power and concentration of thought, more sharp and clear the thought form will be. When our thoughts are coupled with emotions, emotional part colors the thought form positively or negatively. For example, when a person shows anger, irritation, hatred, the thought forms around him in the atmosphere are so ugly like black clouds of smoke that if you can perceive them with your astral vision, you will feel that you are in a hell. Similarly, positive and pure emotions of love, care etc. create pleasing thought forms. For how long a thought form will survive, depends upon the force of your emotions behind it.

       Your thoughts tend to induce similar thoughts in others: This is also called the law of thought induction, according to which thoughts released by you tend to induce similar thoughts in others.Negative thoughts of hatred, jealousy, anger, and greed produce similar thoughts in others who are in the immediate vicinity of that person. Similarly a cheerful and positive person can fill the whole atmosphere with cheerfulness by his thoughts which can transform even a gloomy and depressed person into a cheerful person for the time being, however it is true that a strong and positive minded person will not be so much affected by negative thoughts as a weak minded person will be.

       Negative thoughts produce stress response in the Body While Positive Thoughts Create Relaxation Response: Negative thoughts not only disturb your mind they also create stress or alarm response in the body because of which certain biological changes occur in the body system due to arousal of the sympathetic nervous system. If this happens frequently or constantly due to one’s habit of indulging in negative thoughts, continuous imbalance is created in the two components of autonomous nervous system which leads to stress and so many psychosomatic diseases.

On the other hand positive thoughts create relaxation response in the body tending to bring physical parameters to more balanced conditions. Positive thoughts increase your panic energy and direct it upward in the body which helps in your enlightenment while negative thoughts deplete the panic energy of the body and turn its direction downwards in the body which takes man more away from his goal of enlightenment.

       Thought Vibrations Also Influence Physical Objects: Thought vibrations released by you or the auric vibrations around you tend to stick and influence the quality and purity of the physical objects which are in their vicinity. For example the clothes you wear, or the chair you sit, the pen you use, all carry your vibrations. Any person touching or using these objects, which you use frequently, will also take some share of these vibrations and will be influenced positively or negatively.

       When You Think About a Place, You Are Affected by Thought Vibrations of That Place: As soon as you think about a person or a place, you are mentally transported to that place and are affected by the vibrations around that place or person. If that person and place is good, you will receive good vibrations. If that person or place is bad, you will receive bad vibrations. Hence your psyche will be polluted or purified accordingly. That’s why it is said that not only in actions but in thinking also you should be dwelling on good things only otherwise you may be unconsciously doing a lot of harm to yourself.