How to Trick body into doing everything right

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Here’s a visualization technique that accomplishes all that.It help you to know  that everyone you encounter will feel your warmth.

Imagine! When meeting someone, play a mental trick on yourself. In your mind’s eye, see him or her as an old friend, someone you had a wonderful relationship with years ago. But somehow you lost track of your friend. You tried so hard to find your good friend, but there was no listing in the phone book. No information online. None of your mutual friends had a clue.

Suddenly, WOW! What a surprise! After all those years, the two of you are reunited. You are so happy. That’s where the pretending stops. Obviously, you are not going to try to convince the new person that the two of you are really old friends. You are not going to hug and kiss and say, “Great to see you again!” or “How have you been all these years?” You merely say, “Hello,” “How do you do,” “I am pleased to meet you.” But, inside, it’s a very different story.

You will amaze yourself. The delight of rediscovery fills your face and buoys up your body language. I sometimes jokingly say if you were a light, you’d beam on the other person. If you were a dog, you’d be wagging your tail. You make this new person feel very special indeed.