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How our thoughts can be modified.

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On the previous posts I have shared with you on the secrets of human thoughts and other contents related to our thoughts.Thinking positively its highly significant so today let me share with you on how we can modify our thought process and improve our daily life.In short there are different ways and means which are important towards controlling and regulating our thought process as follows..

Avoid random and haphazard thinking:Ensure at various intervals that your thinking is planned and systematic and not haphazard and random. Unplanned random thinking and day-dreaming are signs of a weak mind and indicates that instead of controlling your subconscious mind that part of mind where all your urges, desires, inclinations lie stored) you are being controlled by it. Your conscious mind should remain fully alert, in full awareness and maintain its master status controlling his servant .By going into loose, idle, and day dreaming state, you encourage the influence of the subconscious mind on your conscious mind. So ensure that only those thoughts are in your mind which you really want to think at the moment.

Be consistent in your thoughts, words and deeds: Be consistent inside and outside. Your thoughts, words, and deeds should show resemblance with one another. This is the true test of a righteous person. Normally it is seen nowadays that people have two faces. One is their real face and the other is false one to show to others. Their inside and outside don’t match.

This type of duality of behavior disturbs the stability of your thoughts. Conscious Relaxation: Off and on whenever you find time, practice conscious relaxation. This is achieved by shifting awareness of mind from thought process to pure perception or pure awareness. For example you can perceive or gaze the photo of your deity or any other pure symbol.Similarly you can concentrate on a pleasing sound. Here again you are only perceiving or hearing sound with full awareness but the usual chattering of thoughts inside the mind is stopped. You can also concentrate on your breathing.

Make deliberate attempts to remain positive at all times: It is the single largest factor in building up of our personality and character. We should make a deliberate attempt in our daily life to view everything positively, even in the most miserable situations. As soon as a negative thought comes to your mind, convert it into a positive one by readjusting your mental attitude. 

Reduce emotional elements in your thoughts:All people in this world we poses different emotions like,dislikes,likes, love, hatred, fear, revenge, jealousy etc. coupled with our thoughts which are playing havoc with our life. The root cause of our emotional involvement is that we normally take worldly problems and difficulties very seriously. Remember that various trials and tests you are facing in life are coming to you according to a certain law. Nothing in this world happens by chance or by accident. There is a reason or reasons for everything which is happening to us or others.

Also remember that everything which happens to us is for our good only, however cruel it may appear. Nothing is designed in the universe to harm us. All these trials and tests are to teach certain lessons to us which we have not yet learnt. They (trials) are not permanent. They are all temporary and will pass away having served their purpose. If we consider these trials and difficulties as burdens coming to us out of nowhere, we are simply making the matter worse and prolonging our release from the problems.

In fact when you evolve spiritually, you will realize that you yourself are responsible for what is happening to you.Hence use all trials and tests of life as opportunities to learn something instead of cursing and blaming others and never lose balance of your mind and thoughts in whatever miserable situations you are. Observe all your problems like a spectator and solve them with a detached and unbiased mind.

Practice of Yoga ( group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices) and Meditation: Once the mind is pure, you are bound to project positive and pure thoughts only.One should also resort to the practice of yoga and meditation. If done correctly the process of meditation gradually resolves all the conflicts of the unconscious mind and makes the mind pure and strong. A strong and pure mind has full control of its thoughts and doesn’t become restless and disturbed as easily as a weak and impure mind.

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