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How to change human behaviors.

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In this world we interact with different people of different perceptions, altitudes and behaviors and we always perceive to say that, ‘some one with bad behaviors’ he /she will never  change.Yes but, important questions to asks your self is ,Who wants to have bad relationships with others, be sloppy, not care about anyone or anything but themselves, or pursue meaningless goals?

In reality everyone wants to be better. No one wants to engage in self destructive behaviors. Also no one who wants to be abusive, sustain a baseless hatred of others, having limited beliefs, be emotionally unstable, being obnoxious, and so on.

None of these behaviors make us feel good.We want to change them, but we’re unable to do so. We feel emotionally blocked from doing that which we know at some level is right for us and for our relationships.Most people desperately want to change.

We know this to be true in our own lives. When we are able to rise above our “baggage,”we feel good about ourselves. Sure, there are people who say they are
happy the way they are and don’t want to change. But they are not being so truthful. Human beings are real pros at lying to themselves; in fact, it is when they lie most convincingly.

So its possible to change someone who doesn’t want to change? All of us want to be better, to be fulfilled, and we are desperately seeking to use our potential and become something more.Through psychological strategies such as,beliefs and Values,Making anyone more moral and Ethical and eliminating prejudice in anyone.That’s how we can change some one with bad behavior to have good behavior as all human being we are the same.

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