Why human body shrieks before lips speak?

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Do you know that human body shrieks before Lips can speak? I’m sure that you can’t believe this but the first question to ask your self is “are their data accurate which supports this claim? Amazingly enough, yes.

Even before your lips part and the first syllable escapes, the essence of an individual has already axed its way into their brains. The way we look and the way we move is more than 80 % of someone’s first impression of us. Its not one word needed to  be spoken. I’ve lived and worked in different places  I didn’t speak the native language.

Yet, without one understandable syllable spoken between us, the years proved my first impressions were on target. Whenever I met new colleagues, I could tell instantly how friendly they felt toward me, how confident they were, and approximately how much stature they had in the company. I could sense, just from seeing them move, who the heavy weights were and who were the welter weights.

I have no extrasensory skill. You’d know, too. How? Because before you have had time to process a rational thought, you get a sixth sense about someone. Studies have shown emotional reactions occur even before the brain has had time to register what’s causing that reaction.

Thus the moment someone looks at you, he or she experiences a massive hit, the impact of which lays the groundwork for the entire relationship. Bob told me he captures that first hit in creating his caricatures. Deciding to pursue my own agenda for How to Talk to Anyone. I asked, “Mbwilo, if you wanted to portray somebody really cool you know, intelligent, strong, charismatic, principled, fascinating, caring, interested in other people. . . .” How to Intrigue Everyone Without Saying a Word   “Easy,” Mbwilo interrupted. He knew precisely what I was getting at. “Just give him the  great posture, a heads up look, a confident smile, and a direct gaze.” It’s the ideal image for somebody who’s a somebody.