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Amazing types of people you ever think about

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This world comprises  variety of people.I know you know that we as human beings we differ.In reality people are not the same at all.But we always differ in perceptions, skin color,behavior ,body height and also appearance in general may be fat or thin, also we differ in level of thinking,problem solving ability, understanding capacity and also having hospitality or not.

All are differences among human being.Not all differences I presented before you.Some missed characters or difference  among the people you may know.As I know also we differ in perceptions.

I expected not to share with you on these differences.Was just an introduction ,now let me concentrate with what I expect to share with you.

When we deal with employment matters ,we expect to have the main three types of people which are categorized into three groups.

The first type of people are these who want to be employed by other people.There characteristics are, 

  • They are great complainers, they complain and they complain even to the things which are very very very small but they are complaining.
  • These people are very very difficult to be satisfied but in reality the employer will be reminded as employer that’s why it’s difficult for these employed people to be rich than employers that’s why the life of those people who like to be employed remained to  be normal and  their entire life  life based on complaining.

The second type of the people are these who want to employ them selves and not employed by others.These people posses the following characteristics.

  • They like to learn 
  • They like to read a lot of contents 
  • They are curious 
  • They like to listen the succeeded people
  • They are employers.

The third type of people are these who are only observers.Sometimes are known as additional people in the society.

These people also they posses some characteristics as follows.

  • They like to listen things with no significance at all.Like bad music, scandals bad movies like and pornography.

You know what? When you listen less important things,your mind like to know in detail or to view these things.

Also,keep in mind that ‘As longer you listen to something or someone ,it travels with your mind’s.Imagine you are watching the action movie or any movie inside the house and somebody knocking the door outside,you know what next .You are going to respond to lait after several knocking  

Sometimes they’re very very great complainers as they complaining about their hardship of their life is due  to something or someone else as a result sometimes they think that it’s better to die than live to hard life.

According to Charles Darwin we have to struggle so as to leave.That’s why we have these types of people with their characteristics.

Now asks your self that were you belong to? .


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