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Amazing 6 ways to establish Smart Marriage.

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 Making decisions  now days seems to be difficult as a result Smart Marriages are not there but the increase of violence in marriage. The reason that you have to make decisions is because its impossible for you to   have everything  you want . In this World, taking responsibility for your own decision  is very important towards achieving what planed to achieve.

All decisions essentially require you to sacrifice something else you like. Keep in mind that  you will marry when you expect to be better off married to a particular person rather than remaining single. And you will stay married so long as you and your spouse continue to believe that to be true.

Therefore, the solution to having a Smart Marriage requires you to choose the right person and then make good decisions during marriage. All of these decisions require you to reject alternatives. In particular, having a Smart Marriage requires you to reject the victimization perspective that is too common in contemporary society.

From that perspective, you are not responsible for your actions, since societal forces overwhelm you, for example   when two  people who voluntarily married someone, at the end of the day when their marriage ends in divorce he or expose the despicable characteristics of that marriage

They assume no responsibility for having made a poor decision in having married. Unless they are capable of that recognition, it is not likely that the quality of their decisions about a spouse will improve in the future. In large extent, most of the people , are less likely to be successful if they do not recognize and learn from their mistakes.

This life is uncertain, so choices can turn out different from your expectations. Marriage, like so many decisions about the future, entails risk. An analysis of your decisions usually shows that the more informed they are, the more likely that they will produce the desired outcomes. Imagine, the person that you love has an accident that changes the nature of your relationship. Would you  need to adapt or end the relationship.

Remember that you have the opportunity to acquire more information that can reduce your risks as your relationship gradually progresses from violence to Smart Marriage. You can reduce your risk of making poor choices by evaluating the information acquired at each stage such as dating, marriage, and parenthood.

This evaluation is very  important to you as  the cost of making a poor decision also increases with each stage. Ending an intimate relationship is emotionally draining, but it pales in comparison to the anguish for all parties associated with a divorce especially if there are children.

In general, the following are important things to be considered towards building  smart marriage.

1. Number of Children

In reality, children are  the most important factor to be  considered before getting married. Important questions to ask your self are;

  1. Are there any children before marriage? how many they are, are all belongs to the same parent or not?
  2. How many children will we have?
  3. How will we raise them? 
  4. What behaviors do we want to model our children? 

Children will be an important part of your marriage for life, even if the marriage ends, the commitment from both parents will be important to have smart marriage.

2. Family members.

Many relationships have been destroyed by interference from   members. Now asks your self the following questions.

  1. Does my family like my wife or husband  to be?
  2. Does my partner treated in acceptable manner?
  3. What can I do in order  to make a bad situation to becomes  better?

3. Time management. Balancing time   between our normal  work and home its very important. Without effective balance of time  you could find yourself either without a job or without a family. 

4.Financial Management.

Money is one of the main topics couples argue about. Having different beliefs and habits about money is one of the quickest ways to divorce.The following are important question to asks your self.

  1. Will my wife or husband to be will budget money in a good way?
  2. What is the amount of money we want to save for our future?
  3. Who is going to make the income? Does my partner might have any hidden debts?
  4. How much amount of money  are we going to spend on our wedding?

5. Sex

Sex its very important to concider in Marriage.This is because it creates an intimate bond between couples. Also regular sex is healthy in a relationship.Consider it before establish your marriage. Now some questions to answer are as follows 

  1. what sex practices am I comfortable with?
  2. What are my expectations regarding sex? 
  3. What will we do when we stop having sex for example during pregnant or after?

6. Religion

Religion is one of the most important aspects of life.Through religion we expect to raise the children in a good way and also building smart marriage.Try to asks and answer the following questions.

  1. Do we share the same beliefs?
  2. Are we willing to share the same religion ?
  3. How our parents react towards it, are they strong conceder it or not?

Thanks for reading this content, I hope something new  might captured from this content. This is Human Reality.


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