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Since the increase of corona virus cases in World ,many  countries  have taken various  measures to fight against the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic.Among these measures is emphasizing people to cover their face with masks.

In real sense,through cover our face with mask we reduce the spread of viruses from one person to another.But,important question to ask your self is.Why Covid-19 cases and deaths increases day after day.

Now this is the big problem and sometimes creates fear to the people.You know why?

In general reasons are too many.But the presence of Covid-19 cases until this moment resulted to the various bad impacts like,movement of the people discouraged,celebrations are no longer conducted, trade are now profitless as a results government income decreases and economy of the country decline.

Now let me stick to our question.

You can wear the mask but you can be affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Imagine even doctors who care the infected people are also affected.You know why?

  1. Touching the mask with your hand and then touch you eyes,nose and  ears by hands
  2. Wearing the same mask for the long time
  3. Shaking hands with an infected person 
  4. To stay to the places that  are crowding,here your face can be affected by the viruses when infected people cough or sneezing.
  5. Hugging the infected person.
  6. Forgetting to wash your hands by using hand sanitizes or washing your hands regularly with running water and soap.

You know what?

By avoiding these things.Corona virus disease will be prevented and we can proceed with our daily activities but without consider these things and also instructions given by the government and health professionals.The big problem will happen.



View currently  world Corona virus Pandemic status at this moment here.